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Harry Potter-Inspired Lingerie Will Leave You Feeling Magical In The Bedroom


Yandy, the lingerie retailer that created the Disney princess-inspired lingerie and the Baywatch swimsuits, has come out with another collection of affordable sexy lingerie. This one combines both childhood and adult fantasies in honor of everyone’s favorite¬†book series.

This new collection, called the Fantasy Collection, takes inspiration from Harry Potter, Disney characters, classic villains and comic book heroes. The line’s stand-out costume is an interpretation of the Hogwarts uniforms and let’s just say this puts the sexy Harry Potter costumes at Party City to shame.

Harry Potter fans can get magical in the bedroom with some new lingerie.


Wonder Woman watchers can kick some ass in lace.


If you prefer going under the sea, Little Mermaid-inspired lingerie is also available.


All of the new looks are currently available for pre-order and are expected to ship by September 7. Until then, you have plenty of time to browse and maybe even speed-read through those Harry Potter books again.

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