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Ice cream is a lovely treat. It’s extremely versatile and panders to a variety of tastes. You can throw some sprinkles on it, hot fudge, nuts, you name it. Is it possible to make it taste even better? How about make it into a sandwich?

Just think of the possibilities! Forget the classic chocolate wafer. Use that chocolate chip cookie you just bought from the store. Not tempting enough? You can try to be fancy and use a delicate macaroon. Love waffles? Throw your favorite ice cream between two layers of fresh waffles and BAM! All that melted ice cream just collects in the little pockets, so you won’t waste a single drop.

If you couldn’t tell by now, today we’re celebrating a rather special occasion. August brings forth a number of food holidays, but the first one to consider is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, which falls on August 2nd. Here’s a list of our favorite gifs, jokes and reactions to one of our favorite summer treats.

Pop Quiz!


They look So lonely

Always cheaper than therapy 

This is so satisfying to watch

When food meets art


That’s a very sturdy sandwich

The face of regret

Is this joke too old yet?


You can’t tell me how to live my life, Jim

There’s no such thing as sharing

Can I tag this as NSFW? Because I’m thoroughly distracted

Ice Cream really hits the spot after a long day of work

I have no regrets

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