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Pregnant Mom With A Six-Pack Just Shut Down Her Haters In The Most Perfect Way


An obvious give away to when someone is pregnant is their protruding belly. But all pregnancy’s are different and it’s hard to remember that sometimes, but Sarah Stage is making it her mission.

The model and fitness fanatic has been making headlines ever since her first pregnancy. The internet didn’t believe she was pregnant because her abs remained intact the entire time. This is her at 9 months pregnant only a few weeks before she gave birth.

Last minute beach day 🌊 #9months

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Her body is killer. She got critiqued a lot during her preganancy for not “looking” like a “normal” pregnant women. A lot of people called her prenatal workouts extreme and unnecessary. You think that when she gave birth to a healthy baby boy the haters would stop, but this is the internet we are talking about!

Now Sarah is pregnant again and even at seven months her abs are looking, well, defined. She has been posting her prenatal workouts to show her critics that her fitness regime is safe and doctor approved. She is seven months into her pregnancy and has only gained 13 pounds, which is crazy!

Her last workout video directly called out all the people trolling her Instagram. Sarah said she has stopped doing crunches because she’s in her third trimester, but plank and squat variations are still fair game.

#7monthspregnant & feeling great πŸ‘ŠπŸΌI'm now sticking to at home exercises 🏑from my ebook 2-3x a week & have stopped doing crunches since I'm in my #thirdtrimester 🀰🏻Our bodies are truly incredible & I feel blessed to be able to grow another healthy baby inside of me! I choose to stay positive & I represent anyone who has dealt with doubters, trolls & bullies. It feels great to prove ignorant people wrong & even better to know that all you have to do is believe in yourself and trust your own instincts 😊 With that being said, I hope you have a great day! 😘 BTW for those of you asking about protein smoothie recipes, they are now available on my site and there's special discounts for @proteinworld which has a lot of pregnancy safe products. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ obviously, check with your doctor first to get cleared to exercise and have protein shakes ❀️ (workout outfit : @lornajaneactive )

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She barely has a belly at seven months and that’s totally fine. Her health and pregnancy isn’t anyone’s business because clearly her doctor doesn’t think so.

What everyone should be asking is what is her secret?

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