Why Are People Boycotting MTV’s New Show ‘Siesta Key’?








MTV is trying to go back to its roots with their new show Siesta Key. It’s like the Florida version of Laguna Beach. The show follows around seven rich kids who are all in their early 20s. The show actually started because Alex Kompothecras’ dad hired a production crew to follow his son because he thought his life was ~so~ cool and interesting. From there, MTV picked up the series. But the chances of a season two are looking slim because of Alex, the guy who started it all.

Alex’s social media is the root of all the #BoycottSiestaKeyMTV posts. Videos have surfaced of Alex’s friends abusing animals and Alex posting racist remarks online. You know it’s bad when other stars of reality shows are exposing you online. Lala Kent from Vanderpump Rules posted receipts of Alex’s now deleted Instagram caption with the racist hashtag #OnceYouGoBlackYourNeverWELCOMEBack. Maybe he should learn the proper usage of your versus you’re.


The animal abuse video circulating of Alex’s friends is graphic. It’s a video of them on a boat dragging a shark to its death. Alex claims he has no part in the video and that it was just his friends, but people are believing otherwise.


There are also accusations going around that Alex’s friends used a dead dog as bait to catch sharks. All of his social media has been scrubbed clean since the public accusations of animal abuse, but screenshots are forever.


Because of the crazy accusations, MTV cancelled the Siesta Key premiere party after Alex received death threats. He claims that he has no involvement with the animal abuse posts and that was just his friends and he doesn’t agree with what they did. He has turned off the comments on his Instagram because critics have been coming for him. But the racist post, well, he posted that himself.

Even though he may not be an animal abuser, he is still a racist.

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