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Blogger Reveals The Secret To Growing A Bigger Booty


According to theΒ New York Post, boobs are in and butts are out. But what do they know? How can a body part be out of style? The only difference between boobs and butts is that you can make your booty bigger naturally.

Getting a huge badonk isn’t as easy as it seems. Building a behind takes time patience and consistency. But thanks to Emma O’Neill getting a booty has become so much easier.

The fitness influencer posted on her Instagram a before and after belfie and her results are AMAZING. The main thing she did to get a booty was lifting heavy weights. Weight rooms are typically filled with guys that have huge muscles who are grunting and sweating a ton, so they can be intimidating AF.

How to actually build a bum 101 πŸ‘ Somehow I managed to go from a TEENY human to a less teeny human with a peachier peach in just over a yr. I will share with you my (not so) secrets: ➑️ AIR SQUATS WONT HELP YOU Seriously stop that strange fire hydrant thing ur doing in front of the mirror. Accept the fact that you're going to have to venture into the weight section and LIFT HEAVY (heavy for you, you don't have to be squatting 70kg straight away). πŸ€™πŸΌ You will have to learn how to pick up a barbell, how to squat, deadlift and hip thrust. Compound movements are going to be your best friend. It's not as scary as it sounds tho πŸ€— Best booty exercises: Barbell hip thrusts, glute bridges, deadlifts, lunges, leg press πŸ‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ ➑️ Isolation (lighter) exercises are fabulous and should have a place in your training, but they *shouldn't* always take up the maj of your gym sessions. Aka things like kickbacks, donkey kicks, high rep squats can be rlly good supersets or finishers but they're not where the money's at ma frands πŸ€‘ ➑️ You need to put lots of tension on your muscles & make them WORK HARD. Make your muscle realise that it needs to stop being a lil bitch and grow back BIGGER & stronger. This is why heavy weights will be your best friend (and worst enemy) πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ ➑️ Eat some damn foooood girl!! You will make minimal (if any) progress on operation POPPIN BOOTY if you're severely restricting your calories / eating lettuce leaves for the majority of your meals. Muscle growth requires FOOD πŸ‘ Carbs are important, don't neglect them. Also ensure you're getting in enough protein (0.8-1g per pound of body weight is the recommendation), as protein aids muscle growth. Try and get a lil in every meal you have. Even as a vegan/vegetarian! There are heaps of fabulous protein sources 😊 . Also be patient! Unfortunately (yes I'm sad too) your body won't change in a few weeks. Stay consistent and in a few months you'll be well on your way to having a perkier and stronger derriΓ¨re. . πŸ‘*EDIT* I've expanded on this post and written a Q+A on my blog, find it on my Insta story!* πŸ‘πŸ™‹πŸ» . Ps this was 2015 ➑️ 2017 πŸ’• #transformationtuesday

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In her post she writes a detailed outline how she went from a flat small tush to a rounded peach bottom.

Her booty building tips are straight forward. First off lifting weights is a must. She says that doing barbell hip thrusts, glute bridges, deadlifts, lunges and leg presses with weights are very important. Make sure to be lifting weights that heavy to you because your muscles need tension otherwise they won’t grow.

Sweaty saturday sessions πŸ‘ bit of a booty workout today fuelled by my fave @womensbest bcaa's to help with recovery 😌 . 1️⃣ Glute bridges: 4 sets: 80kg for 12 reps followed by a 10 second hold on last rep 2️⃣ Side cable kicks: (ft my sweaty bum go hard or go home bye). I do 7kg for 10 reps per side, they help develop the outer/side or ur glutes 3️⃣ Single leg leg press: 4 sets: (can face forward or turn to side) 30kg for 8 reps, go as low as you can 😊 4️⃣ Dumbbell deadlifts (my fave): 18kg's for 10 reps, keep your back straight and squeeze πŸ‘ at the top 5️⃣ Single leg db deadlifts: 8kg's for 10 reps per leg, balance one foot behind and focus on using active leg to bring the weight up. You should feel it in your hammies too 6️⃣ Goblet squats (sped up): I do these as a superset (straight after another exercise) for as many reps as possible (AMRAP) to burn out πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Wearing and @womensbest. Ty @samuelhodnett for being my videographer hehe

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Isolating air moves like squats, donkey kicks and kickbacks are really good as finishers, but shouldn’t be your sole booty workout. When you do these moves as finishers make sure to do a high rep count.

She also says that you need to eat A LOT of food! Hallelujah. Emma says that carbs are your friend and so is protein. You can’t make gains by just eating vegetables.

Emma’s last tip is patience. Booties just don’t grow overnight. You have to be working on growing those muscles consistently.

Listen, whatever Emma is doing is clearly working so following in her footsteps isn’t a bad idea. Emma isn’t a certified trainer, she is just a fitness lover so make sure to check with a professional taking her advice.

Now everyone can have an apple bottom!


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