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This Instagram User Is Calling BS On Those Before & After Transformation Photos


Instagram has been recently labeled as the social media that is worst for your mental health. The app did bring a whole subculture to our world. Insta hoes, sliding into DMs, Insta aesthetic. It’s not shocking that looking at idealized photos of strangers’ lives all day isn’t good for you!

A lot of Instagram users are trying to take back the platform and use it to promote body positive. Bless those people! User @bopo_tato, whose name is Lydia,  is one of Instagram’s many body posi warriors.

She shared to her 12,100 some followers a before and after photo. These types of photos are typically posted after someone has a major body transformation centered around weight loss or muscle gain. The two photos are usually taken a handful of months of years apart, but not Lydia’s

Lydia shared before and after photos that were taken on the same day. The one on the left is after a “full day of eating + hydration” while the photo on the right was taken right in the morning and is focused on “posture+sucking in…if you can’t tell in the second photo I’m not breathing LOL.”

Is this a before/after photo? … Nope! It was actually taken about 12 or less hours apart. Same day, same girl. Spot the differences? … The difference is a full day of eating+ hydration (left) & posture+sucking in first thing in the morning (right; if you can't tell in the second photo I'm not breathing LOL). ~ Recently I have realized that I have definitely put on weight since I decided to adopt a more flexible lifestyle; meaning ➡️intuitive eating & exercise when/how I want. ~ I realized I was not feeling good about myself & had to take a step back and ask myself; WHY??! Is it the weight gain? Absolutely not. I recognize that weight gain is not good nor bad. Although I still have to remind myself that BIGGER does🚫NOT🚫= BAD, I fully understand that & have been practicing listening to my body & being kind to her. After years of believing that smaller meant being better & happier, weight gain isn't something that you just magically become okay with.. it takes practice. ~ But I was feeling heavy; physically, yes, but mostly mentally. After sitting with this feeling, I recognized I had been ignoring my hunger cues. Although the binges had stopped, I was still eating out of emotion. Emotional eating is not something I want to partake in. I understand that food is there FOR me; That it's not trying to do anything TO me (i.e. weight gain). Food is there for nourishment. Food is there for enjoyment. Food is there for energy. FOOD IS NOT THE ENEMY. WEIGHT GAIN IS NOT THE ENEMY. YOUR BODY IS NOT THE ENEMY. ~ I'm taking my life back. Regardless of whatever form my physical body takes on. Being bigger than I once was doesn't make me less beautiful, strong, kind, caring, healthy or vibrant. Being smaller doesn't make me more happy. In the words of the incredible Miss @_kellyu : I AM BEAUTIFULLY ME.🌸💕 Regardless of size; I am worthy of love because I am Love. ~ Be easy, be kind, dear friends. You're finally coming into the life you deserve. You shine so brightly, regardless of if you see it in the moment or not. Keep going. I love you.💞 . . . #gainingweightiscool #healthyismybody #beyourownkindofbeautiful #fuckthepatriachy #bopo #bodypositive#selflove#embracethesquish

A post shared by Miss Lydia Tatertot👸🏼🍟❤️✨ (@bopo_tato) on

She wanted to show her followers that weight gain isn’t a bad thing and before and after photos can be toxic. Her caption is super long, but is filled with insightful words on her body loving journey. It’s rife with inspo that you can utilize on your own body positive journey.

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