Ariana Grande’s Instagram Was Hacked & Filled With Offensive Messages

Unfortunately Ariana Grande has been the victim of cyber hacking. Her Instagram was hacked and the hackers filled her feed with two super offensive posts.

In one post the hackers posted a photo that says “Islah and never run the scene” with the caption “GANG BITCH F*K WIT US GET SHMOKEEDDD.” The second photo they posted was of rapper XXXTentacion with an awful caption.

The caption read, “f****t a** n***a @xxxtentacion follow @islahgod and @neverthegod HAHHAHAHHAHAHA”

The post was so strange that even Nicki Minaji commented on the hackers post. Nicki, who constantly collaborated with Ariana, commented the curious face emoji. The hackers commented back “f**k u talkin bout u next” and tagged the rapper.

Ari fans are not standing for this. They are taking to social media to show their allegiance to her. With the trending hashtag #RespectAriana they shared their feeling about how the singer doesn’t deserve this.

Ariana has had a very emotional year. There was an attack after her Manchester, England concert where a concert goer detonated a bomb after her show.

The attack resulted in 23 deaths and 250 people injured. A hacked Instagram is something the singer doesn’t need on top of her already emotional year.

While her account was hacked the hackers requested to follow a few accounts. The photos have been taken down and her Instagram has been restored to normal.

Ariana has yet to comment on her hacked Instagram.


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