The Ultimate End-Of-Summer Bucket List

Every year, we have such lofty goals for the summer. We’re usually telling ourselves that every single summer is going to be the best one ever as soon as May begins.

And then we wake up and it’s August, we have a couple weeks left until school starts and even though we have binge-watched multiple shows on Netflix, we haven’t really accomplished anything.

Well, you are in luck. This is the best end of summer bucket list, so you can go to school in the fall knowing that you did something other than re-watch Parks and Recreation

1. Try 2017’s trendiest foods.

Every year there are new food trends. Have you tried any of these yet? Matcha, smoothie bowls and edible cookie dough were all really popular this year and even though there are now famous brands like Cha Cha Matcha and Dō in big cities, you can find versions of these all over the U.S. Grab some friends and go try some new foods days during one of your days off this summer.

2. Make a lip sync video.

Remember when lip sync videos were all the rage and Justin Bieber made us all so jealous when he and his then-girlfriend Selena Gomez, Ashely Tisdale and some random boys from some boy bands lip synced to “Call me Maybe”? Just me? Ok.

Well, our boy Justin has gone through a lot since then so why not make an updated version? Grab your friends and make an iconic video as “Despacito” plays in the background.

3. Go thrift shopping.

Want to get some back to school shopping in without breaking the bank? Thrift shopping is fun and practical because it saves money but allows you to hunt around and find the best deals ever. The last time I went thrift shopping I found a $16 BCBG dress and $40 Jimmy Choos. Look up the local thrift shop in your town and even if it is just a Goodwill you are guaranteed to find something good.

4. Take an arcade day.

If it is a rainy day out and you are tempted to once more get into your Netflix/bed cocoon, hit up your local arcade instead. You can reminisce about games from your childhood and if you play enough Dance Dance Revolution, you can even get some exercise in there as well.

5. Have a DIY drink night.

Go to the grocery store, stock up on different kinds of alcohol and ingredients and invite your girlfriends over for the ultimate girls night in. Experiment with different drink recipes and you will have as much fun drinking them as you did making them. Pro tip: to make “Frosé,” the unofficial drink of summer 2017, pour wine into zip lock bags, freeze them for six to eight hours and the blend with strawberries, mangos or blueberries for a fun twist.

Now that you have this handy bucket list there is no reason to not embrace the last month of summer. Enjoy it.

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