7 Reasons He Should Be More Worried About Meeting Your BFF Than Your Dad









Meeting the parents is a huge step and a completely nerve-wracking part of a relationship.

Introducing your boyfriend to the two most important people in your life is scary for you and could potentially be traumatizing for him, but the one meeting that’s overlooked is the meeting between him and your best friend. Here are seven reasons why your boyfriend should be more worried about getting to know your best friend.

1. Your BFF is a social media sleuth.

Your dad may be able to post embarrassing family vacation photos and make “dad-jokes” in the comments of your profile picture, but he doesn’t know all the ins and outs of stalking your boyfriend back to 2010. Your best friend will be able to get all the details about his previous hookups, old friends and what he really did that one summer at sleepaway camp, simply by looking at his social media timeline. She will be able to tell who he really is from the filters he uses on his Instagram posts and his use of hashtags and will probably end up knowing more about him than you do.

2. You value your BFF’s opinions.

Of course you value your father’s opinions, too, but your dad probably doesn’t know the details about this guy like your best friend does. You trust her with everything and if she doesn’t like the guy you’re dating, there must be something wrong.

3. Your true BFF will be brutally honest with you.

This goes hand-in-hand with the last one. Your dad┬áprobably can’t imagine anyone being good enough for his daughter, but your friend knows your previous relationship history and will straight up tell you if this guy’s for real or just trying to get into your pants.

4. Your BFF knows what you’re thinking without you even telling them.

They can tell if you’re feeling uncomfortable, second-guessing everything and even if you’re the slightest bit unhappy and will most definitely call you out on it the minute you two get time alone together.

5. Your boyfriend will probably be more comfortable meeting your best friend over meeting your dad.

Meaning that he will be more himself. He will be less awkward and not as eager to impress as he would be when meeting your father. If he does anything that seems fake or a little off, your best friend will be able to tell and she will be sure to tell you about after.

6. You will be more comfortable with your boyfriend meeting your best friend over meeting your dad.

Meaning that you will be more yourself. Your best friend will be able to see how you act around him and if he’s really good for you. He will hopefully bring out the best sides of you and showcase what it really means to be happy.

7. Your BFF knows what happens behind closed doors.

Your dad doesn’t (hopefully.)

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