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9 Of The Funniest Tweets About The Most WTF Week


This week has been a Hallie-and-Annie-discovering-they-have-a-twin-at-the-same-summer-camp level whirlwind, and most of us are still scrambling to keep up. Sean Spicer turned down Dancing With the Stars, disappointing an entire nation. #LocalMilkPeople trended on Twitter in response to Trump’s leaked phone transcripts. Anthony Scaramucci was fired after just ten days, making Kim Kardashian‘s second marriage look like an admirable commitment.  Martin Shkreli was found guilty of fraud charges. Stephen Miller denounced the Statue of Liberty herself. A grand jury was appointed to investigate Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election. Obama had a birthday. Jake Paul was declared over (again.) We fell in love with gum-chewing Dean on The Bachelorette (also again.)

Still with me?

Due to the high-key insanity of this week, Twitter was a predictably sparkling goldmine. Here are a handful of the week’s tweets that might (maybe) make you smile — or at the very least, grimace in attempt.

Until next week.

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