‘Mean Girls’ Fans Are Personally Victimized By This Regina George Lookalike Online

Regina George may well have survived that bus crash due to immortality, at least so far as Twitter is concerned.

High school senior April went viral this weekend after posting her senior portraits to Twitter on Friday, asking followers for their input on which to select. In an unexpected side effect, her uncanny resemblance to the former leader of the Plastics has people wondering if they should start searching the premises for burn books.

Once the resemblance was pointed out, people could not let it go, quoting Mean Girls at her and pointing out that it must have been a Wednesday when she took her senior photos (after all, she’s wearing pink.)

“This was a first, but once one person saw it, everyone noticed it,” she told E! News. “It’s strange because I have naturally curly hair, but I decided to straighten it for the pictures, which caused me to look even more like her I guess.”

Her smooth blonde hair does look like it’s insured for $10,000 (and she’s like, really pretty.)

The tweet has amassed over 25,000 likes and several thousand retweets, and it has fans of the 2004 classic reminiscing about the Spring Fling and Β the sheer effect of the powerful mean girl.

She can’t help it that she’s popular.


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