Influencer Amanda Steele Is Calling Out Instagrammers Who Photoshop Their Pics

With an app that has filters built-in as a primary feature, it’s almost unprecedented to see an entirely natural Instagram photo in your feed. It’s expected of users to adjust the lighting, saturation, and brightness of their photos, especially in the case of influencers who make part of their living off depicting their lives in a specific manner.

Still, Photoshop is another force entirely — and one influencer, Amanda Steele, is speaking out against the normalization of dramatic Photoshopping on Instagram, a practice she considers a harmful category of manipulation.

“People edit themselves so much on Instagram it’s sad that people can’t just appreciate natural beauty,” the 18-year-old model, who has two million followers herself, posted in a series of tweets on Thursday.

While Steele readily admits to filtering and editing her own photos, her Twitter accusations are directed to influencers who use Photoshop to “literally reshape themselves,” sending a poor message to girls who are following them.

She also encouraged her followers to stop comparing themselves, because the facade of the Perfect Gir™ on Instagram is just that.

Instagram is the social media platform that most negatively impacts young people’s mental health, and even celebrities like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have deleted it in the name of their mental health. With all of the Photoshop scandals that make headlines (and applause over un-retouched campaigns) it’s becoming clearer and clearer that young women want to see authentic images of beauty reflected online and in magazines.

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