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Adele Treated Grenfell Tower Fire Survivors To A Private Movie Screening


Time doesn’t heal all wounds, but acts of kindness can help. Ever since the tragic Grenfell Tower Fire incident in June, support has come in from all over the world. Neighbors and strangers from around the world have set up donation pages and charities towards helping our victims. One of the most well-known supporters of survivors is the award-winning singer Adele, who immediately attended a vigil just hours after the fire.

During Adele’s concerts she asked audiences if anyone would be willing to donate to her Grenfell Tower Support fund. Her efforts helped raise a formidable amount of money for those affected by the fire, but she didn’t stop there. Just recently, she hosted a private movie screening of Despicable Me 3 for children affected by the fire.

According to The Sun, the screening took place at Whiteley’s cinema in London. One source said:

“Being a local Londoner, she’s made no secret about how personally affected she was by the Grenfell Tower blaze and wants to help in every way she can. While she’s working hard behind the scenes to raise cash, she wanted to treat residents to a night of fun and help take their minds off what happened and organized a private viewing of the brand new Despicable Me 3 movie. Everyone was overwhelmed by her generosity.”

Generosity indeed. As an added bonus for the families and kids, Adele posed for photos and reportedly invited giant Minions to join in the festivities.

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