No One Is Safe From Mommy-Shamers, Not Even Beyoncé

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Beyoncé is receiving criticism from moms right now and I just can’t. Do they not know who they are talking about? This is Queen Bey they are talking to and they better believe the Bey Hive is ready to attack.

But why is Beyoncé at the center of mama drama? She has been so quiet after giving birth to her two babies Rumi and Sir. Even though she has been hush her pregnancy has been very public.

Her pregnancy announcement Instagram is the most liked Instagram ever. Her first Instagram post with Rumi and Sir is the second most liked post. So what are the critics upset about?

Well Bey posted an Instagram a few days before the twins two month birthday of her out with her husband Jay-Z. In the photo she is drinking wine in a very cute low cut top. The lighting in the picture is perfect may I also add.

But this photo is upsetting moms. At first I didn’t understand why because I am not a mom, but now I see what is making them mad. If Beyoncé is breastfeeding then drinking wine is not good for her breast milk.

Drinking alcohol makes the breast milk alcoholic therefore the babies can’t drink it. Hence why moms who are lactating pump and dump. They use a breast pump and pump out the not safe milk and then just dump it down the drain.

But some people think this is a huge problem.

Honestly we don’t even know if she is breastfeeding! Either way she is smart and knows that she can’t feed her babies after she drinks.

Everyone needs to calm down and let Beyoncé enjoy her summer in peace.


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