Malia Obama Had To Get The White House Involved When She Lost Her Phone

As much as I like to think that Malia Obama is down to earth and just like us, there are stories – like this one – when I’m reminded that she was a first daughter.

malia obama

Malia Obama spent the past weekend at Lollapalooza with a bunch of her friends. This is nothing new as the former first daughter attends Lolla every year. And every year we are blessed with normal images of Malia acting like a regular kid and older people freaking out.

She just wants to let loose and have fun. I don’t know how she does that with a slew of secret service members following her around, but she makes it work. This year though Malia and her younger sister Sasha really showed out for the festival.


Sasha spent her weekend kissing cute boys, while Malia goofed around with her friends. There’s a video of Malia rolling around in the grass and dancing crazy during The Killers set. The video is hilarious. It got me thinking that even I could hang out and be weird with Sasha.

[protected-iframe id=”23a148860b98565c0aab1475d2514787-860993-122713286″ info=”” width=”698″ height=”573″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen=””]

While rolling around she lost her cell phone. So like any logical person she went to the Apple Store get a new iPhone but couldn’t because her first phone was set up through the White House. So now phoneless Malia has to go through the White House and (safe assumption) the FBI to obtain a new phone and get it up and running again.

The White House set up her first phone and the information is classified so she doesn’t know her own Apple ID login.

Very casual.

Now I’m smacked with reality that she is not a regular girl. Whoever her Harvard roommate is going to be shocked when President Obama is there trying set up a mini fridge.


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