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Millennials Are Tired Of Being Blamed For Killing Things So They Made A Meme



How many headlines have you read this past year that started off with “Millennials are killing…”? Probably a ton. News loves nothing more than reporting negatively about millennials.

For some reason everyone likes to blame millennials for industries and companies dying off. Our generation is different and all the old people need to chill with their issues about change. I will say the only industry this generation isn’t blamed of killing, but actually helping are libraries. Shoutout to millennials.

Kanye West Millennials

If millennials are getting teased the one way they are going to cope is through memes. What a loaded sentence that was, but it’s true. Millennials have turned their “killing” habits into comedy gold.

You can join in on the meme too. Simply type out “Millennials are killing” and then use predictive text and click away. The results will be random and hilarious, which is how millennials feel about all the “killing” accusations.

Some of the results were so funny that people tweeted them out. Keep scrolling to read the best “Millennials are killing” tweets.

She’s doing great sweetie.


Oh those millennials and their social media.


This is terrifying.

Millennials are not killing the emoji industry I can assure you.

This is so pure.

Do it for the man.

Is this one religious? Or anti-religion? I can’t tell.

Millennials versus the bush.

This one is just scary.

Okay I swear this is something a millennial has said at one point.

This sounds like an emo song I’d listen to in middle school.

This may be my new Twitter bio.

Millennials are killing it.

These memes are so funny that I don’t mind all the negative press about millennials. Just kidding, please stop thinking we are the worst!

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