Too Faced Is Getting Darker Foundation Shades & We Can All Thank Jackie Aina

For beauty lovers with darker skin tones, one of the most common frustrations is finding the right foundation shade that matches your skin. Some foundations leave an orange tint, some leave darker skin tones looking a few shades lighter and some brands don’t even carry foundations in shades darker than “caramel.” One beauty guru is so tired of this frustration that she’s taking ¬†matters into her own hands.

Beauty vlogger Jackie Aina has always been the one we can count on to call out major beauty brands for leaving out darker skin tones in their collections. It has always been a staple in her videos to make sure that brands featuring darker skin shades are highlighted. Because Jackie shares our frustration, she has collaborated with Too Faced to create darker foundation shades for their Born This Way collection.

Too Faced’s foundation collection already has 24 shades but will feature new shades for deeper skin colors.

“I’m so glad that all of the awareness we’ve created about inclusiveness is finally being heard and I get to curate these new shades from the formula all the way to the shade names,” Jackie wrote on an Instagram post also celebrating her 30th birthday. “This is literally one of my dreams!”

“This is what happens when you stand your ground and believe in your message and keep your supporters number one at all costs,” she continued. Too Faced cofounder Jerrod Blandino also announced the exciting partnership on Instagram by saying, “This means the world to me, it’s so important to me that everyone feels included and knows they’re seen and loved; and this is the perfect partnership to do just that,” he wrote. “I adore Jackie and am so proud she’s going to make our TF world even more beautiful!”

There’s no word yet on when the new foundation shades will drop or how many shades there will be. For now, we can just be proud that the major beauty brands are taking a big step towards more diversity.

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