YSL’s New Foundation Has One Dark Shade & People Are Not Happy









Makeup needs to make leaps and bounds to be more inclusive. Shade ranges are so minimal and rarely include dark shades for women of color. But YSL’s new foundation is so bad that it’s downright embarrassing.

YSL dropped its first long-wearing foundation. They claim the All Hours Foundation is waterproof, transfer resistant, lasts 24 hours and suits all skin tones. But the last one is definitely wrong.

The high end makeup line posted the foundations 22 shade range on Instagram. But in reality it’s 21 shades of white and 1 dark shade. The post quickly filled with comments asking where the shades were for their women of color’s consumers.

The post original captioned read “Find your shade! ALL HOURS, our new foundation that lasts forever, is available in 22 shades, from light to dark, to suit all skin tones.” But the makeup brand edited their post and added “New shades coming soon!”


How could they look at the promotional photo and not notice a huge discrepancy in shades? Makeup fans noticed right away and are not happy.



They’re also critiquing how one of the brands ambassadors is Zoë Kravitz, a black women.

Here’s to hoping their next All Hours Foundation drop has actual range.


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