This Teen Created Crazy Makeup Looks Based Off Of Your Favorite Childhood Shows

We all have a favorite childhood show that we will stan for no matter what.

You can watch re-runs of it everyday, all day and not be sick of it.

Gabriela Greer, an 18-year-old from Seattle, Washington knows that childhood shows are ride or die and proved her allegiance.

The aspiring makeup artist infused her favorite childhood shows and makeup together. She created makeup looks inspired from well known children shows.

She covered all the classics like Zoey 101.

And Hannah Montana.

Even Lizzie McGuire!

She literally covered every favorite show.

Twitter really loved this TBT looks. Honestly, who wouldn’t?Gabriela really pulled out all the stops. Even going through her other makeup looks you can tell this girl isn’t afraid of some color.

Click through the gallery to see some of her other amazing makeup looks. They’re iconic, you need to see them.

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