Aspiring Makeup Artist Flawlessly Draws Celebrity Faces With Eye Makeup

I am barely patient enough to make a smokey eye with winged eyeliner. The thought of working on my makeup for four hours is like a death sentence. Who has that kind of time? 15-year-old Emily Oliver does.

The student from Portland, Oregon is an aspiring makeup artist and told BuzzFeed News that she started playing around with makeup this past February. Oliver started wearing makeup in 7th grade but it wasn’t anything crazy, “I only wore clear mascara because makeup was sort of looked down upon at my small school.”

“Playing around with makeup” is putting it very lightly. Oliver creates masterpieces on her face. She draws small detailed faces of her favorite celebrities and influencers. She most recently recreated Rihanna’s looks from “Wild Thought,” which took four hours.

Oliver said that she has been practicing drawing faces on her own face for months. “It took me around four months to gain the ability to draw faces on my very little eye space,” Oliver said. “I dabbled in painting and drawing before I got into makeup.” She wanted to show her love for Rihanna, so Bad Gal Riri’s was the first face she shared.

Then she drew Beyoncé, which only took her two hours to do.

Oliver then moved on to painting her favorite makeup influencers.

Oliver’s makeup is amazing, celebrity faces or not. Now if only I could get that winged eyeliner right. Emily, can you teach me your ways?

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