5 Simple Makeup Tutorials For Lazy Summer Days

When summer arrives, it’s almost always a welcome break.

You go from waking up (usually) for your 8:00 A.M. and spending the night working on homework or attending meetings to waking up whenever you want and going on road trips and adventures with friends. The responsibilities of finals, clubs, essays and the whole job search get put on hold and you can focus a little more on you.

You’re probably feeling lazier than usual. During the school year, you’re motivated. Doing makeup for a night out seems like an easy task in comparison to the whole thinking about the future kinda thing. In fact, getting ready can be downright relaxing (finals week is hell), so doing your makeup isn’t as much function as it is fashion.

Once summertime hits, that goes all the way out the damn window. You probably haven’t cared about what you look like in days and have spent more time debating what to eat for lunch or if today’s even worth putting pants on than you have thinking about what makeup look you’ll rock. It also might be hot or muggy, and those just don’t pair well with makeup.

Luckily, the beauty world of YouTube has you covered. Whether you’re getting ready for a special summer event or just feel like trying to look like a person (kinda?), there’s a video out there for you. Here are a few simple tutorials that won’t require a major commitment, but will leave you feeling ready to leave the couch. Summer break forever.

1. This natural, foundation-free face…


2. This bronzey glow…


3. This heat-proof slay…


4. This fast, affordable tutorial…


5. This boldly bare look…


Make this summer your best yet… Even if it means never leaving the couch. Grab some popcorn and binge-watch some makeup tutorials if you don’t feel like doing your own!

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