The 8 Best Waterproof Beauty Products To Use This Summer

There’s no doubt that we’ll want to spend much of our time this summer in and/or by water. Whether it’s the pool or the beach, we always need a haven to get away from the scorching heat and the people we’re trying to avoid. With that requires an upgraded makeup routine. Chlorine and salt water feel great in the moment, but products are needed to balance out the drying effects on hair and skin.

If you love spending time in the water but don’t want to go bare-faced and are trying to avoid raccoon eyes, these eight products are for you. Whether you have a beach date coming up or prefer to apply makeup to boost your self-esteem, you’ll luckily be able to find almost every product you need in waterproof form. Whoever said to take her swimming on the first date has clearly never heard of the magic that is waterproof makeup.


These are the best beauty products to use when you’re at the island, beach, pool and everything in between. As for how to remove them… Well, that’s another story.

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