This Couple Made Their Cute Dogs Their Best Man & Maid Of Honor At Their Wedding

A major wedding stresser are the bridal parties. Picking from your family and friends will be up there with you while you say “I do.” It’s stressful choosing who from your life is the most important. Then out of your wedding party you have to pick the maid of honor and the best man. You’re literally ranking your best friends. It’s all too much.

If only picking your maid of honor and best man was easy and simple. Emma-Leigh and Shane Matthew found a way around the bridal party stress and it’s genius.

The two newlyweds decided to make their best man and maid of honor their two dogs! The two giant Alaskan Malamute dogs Niko and Phil accompanied Emma-Leigh and Shane down the aisle on their big day.

The two doggos dressed up for the big occasion. Niko wore a special flower collar while Phil wore a bow-tie collar for the special day. Phil also had a Go-Pro strapped to him so he could even film the special day.

Emma-Leigh said that finding a venue that would allow their big dogs to participate was a struggle, but they clearly figured it out. Their cat Milo couldn’t attend the wedding unfortunately because the venue they did choose doesn’t allow cats.

The dogs were on their best behavior during the ceremony. Honestly, who needs human friends now?


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