Disney’s Hot Jafar Will Have You Rooting For The Villain











Disney’s live-action Aladdin remake has been creating quite a stir lately and they’re all centered around the casting. At first they were being scrutinized for not being able to find Middle Eastern actors. Now they’re being praised for finding Marwan Kenzari who is SO HOT and is going to play the villain Jafar.

Marwan Kenzari

Marwan is Dutch-Tunisiam actor. He grew up in the Netherlands and began acting because the girl he was dating when he was a teenager signed him up for a play. Since then Marwan has been in a lot of foreign films. He speaks four languages, Arabic, Dutch, French and English.


Recently Marwan has been making the move across the Atlantic and acting in American movies. Last year he was in Ben-Hur and this past year he was in The Mummy alongside Tom Cruise. He’s also in the star studded Murder on the Orient Express.

But most importantly he was just cast as Jafar for Disney’s live action Aladdin. He is so ripped and hot that fans will be wanting him to have more screen time. Aladdin who? Marwan already has everyone rooting for the villain. Seriously though Twitter is having a field day with ~hot~ Jafar.


It’s safe to say that Marwan is going to show all of us a whole new world of Jafar. When your done drooling of the gif of his abs, click through the gallery and see Marwan’s hottest photos.


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