Taylor Swift Is Suing This DJ For Only $1









Taylor Swift has been pretty quiet lately and it’s because of her sexual assault trail.

The singer is currently suing DJ David Mueller for groping her during a meet and greet photo session four years ago. The sexual assault claims have been going back and forth for some time, but are now finally being heard in court.

Now we found out that Taylor is suing David for only $1, which sounds ridiculous. But the singer stated she doesn’t want money, she only wants to prove what he did was actually assault. She wants the trail to be symbolic rather then be about monetary compensation. She is already super rich and making a disgraced DJ pay up just doesn’t make sense.

In 2015 Mueller sued Swift for $150,000 over false claims. He said that her accusations cost him his job as the host at country radio station KYGO-FM.

The trials jury is made up of two men and six women. On the first day, Taylor and David’s lawyers just gave their opening statements. Obviously, David’s lawyer said that there was no touching while Taylor’s said that there wasn’t just inappropriate touching but also assault.

The meet and greet photo of the alleged assault leaked last year. Taylor didn’t want the photo to get out, but TMZ is ruthless. The photo was taken at the Pepsi Center in Denver in June 2013 before Taylor’s concert.


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