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With this season of The Bachelorette behind us, it is important to start looking towards the future. Because the Bachelor franchise is trying to switch things up for some inexplicable reason (you guys run a TV show that is inherently sexist, I think it’s okay to leave the format the same), we still don’t know who the next Bachelor is. That just gives us more time to speculate, cast our votes and hope that ABC reads this article and fulfills our greatest wishes.

Peter Kraus


I mean, obviously. He is the ultimate dreamboat and even though Rachel thinks that the process is not for him and has vocalized it about 800 times (no need to drag your ex through the mud, sister) we think that Peter would make a great leadHe gives us Ben Higgins vibes in the fact that he seems practical about his actual desire to get married and properly start that aspect of his life. He had trouble being ready to propose to Rachel in such a short time but if he was the Bachelor he could make sure he had more time with his frontrunner to solidify the feelings of being ready. In an interview with E! this morning, Peter said that he would open to role. Plus, if Bachelor Nation has anything to say about it, Peter would be the first choice. He is cute, mature and loves dogs, so I am not sure what else America could want in a leading man.

Dean Unglert


Another fan favorite from the season. Dean was top four, making him in the perfect person to be selected as the Bachelor. He obviously has a lot of love to give and would definitely make any girl feel special, which is why Dean has such mass appeal. He might be even more popular than Peter at this moment because of his teeny bopper following and his boy band vibes. Some people think that Dean is too young for the role and he is on Paradise this season, so for all we know he could be engaged (I doubt it, but let’s just play along with ABC’s games for a hot second here) but Ben Higgins was 25 when he first went on The Bachelorette, one year older than Dean. I think Dean would make a good Bachelor because he is kind but also kind of generic. He would be much more interesting than Nick Viall but also not as controversial and as annoying as let’s say Juan Pablo.

Eric Bigger


To be completely honest, I was bothered by Eric for the majority of the season and extremely confused as to why he made it so far in the show and especially confused as to why he made it further than Dean. My opinion of Eric has taken a complete 180 since he was eliminated on the show and during the After The Final Rose. He showed maturity, grace and sincerity that made me really appreciate him. And as Rachel said during the finale, Eric is looking gooooood with that beard. He also has been doing a ton of press since the finale, much more than Peter, which makes me think that they are grooming him to be the next Bachelor. I wouldn’t be mad at it.

Ben Higgins


I might be the only who thinks this but I would love for Ben to get a third chance at love. He was the obvious choice for Bachelor during Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season and the marketing of #PerfectBen wasn’t wrong. He already had his own season but his relationship ended with Lauren Bushnell and she has since moved on with her ex-boyfriend, so that can’t feel great. He is sweet and sincere and deserves a real chance at love. If you were like me and watching Freeform’s Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? you probably feel like Ben could have done better than Lauren and this would give him the chance to do it. He said last night on his podcast with Ashley I. “The Almost Famous Podcast” that he wouldn’t do it for this upcoming season but never says never. Crazier things have happened (that crazy thing being Nick Viall) so let’s not rule Mr. Perfect out.

Luke Pell



I know that he is kinda of old news, but it is common knowledge that he was slated to be the Bachelor last season before the rug was pulled out from under him and Nick Viall got the position instead. Maybe we should give this cowboy another chance? I personally am not that much of a fan because when he talks he doesn’t really actually say anything of substance. But he was a fan favorite and even Jojo Fletcher has given her blessing for him to be the Bachelor (she handles her exes on the show better than some current frontrunners. Sorry for all the shade, Rachel. Still not over it). He would be a classic Bachelor and would have some really great girls.

All of these options would make great Bachelors but in my person opinion I would love it to be someone from this current season. I don’t know if someone in their production office is just off their rocker but with all the random decisions they have made recently (Nick Viall being Bachelor, announcing Rachel as the Bachelorette while she was still actively competing on Nick’s season and having Rachel be out watching the show with Chris Harrison during what was supposed to be the After the Final Rose) I would just love some normalcy. Bachelorette season, guy who was in third place becomes Bachelor, new Bachelorette is announced at the After the Final Rose, repeat.

We hope we find out sooner rather than later because I might have some paperwork to start filling if Peter is the new Bachelor.

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