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These Are All Of The Best Reactions To The ‘Bachelorette’ Finale


Last night’s finale might go down as one of the most emotional Bachelorette finales ever. This whole entire season has been a whirlwind of emotions. During the final episode, Rachel had to chose between two audience favorites, Peter and Bryan. Everybody thought Peter was a no-brainer for the final rose but there was one problem: he didn’t want to propose. Rachel and Peter had a very emotional goodbye and Rachel gave her final rose to Bryan and the couple got engaged on the show.

Some fans felt Rachel only chose Bryan because he was willing to give her the ring.

Most fans were just crushed that Peter didn’t get the final rose.

Surprisingly, there were fans that were #TeamBryan in the end.

While we will all mourn the loss of Peter not getting that final rose, we can rejoice in the fact that a new season of Bachelor In Paradise starts Monday, August 14.

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