Here Are The Must-See Spoilers For Tonight’s ‘Bachelorette’ Finale

It’s been a wild ride, my friends. We began The Bachelorette‘s season 13 with a motley crew of weirdos (a tickle monster? Still unsure what a wahboom is!), a beautiful leading lady and high hopes for true love… Then we got a whole lot more than we bargained for.

We watched the demise of DeMario as he got the f*ck out. We saw Lee reveal his true colors. We loved Kenny and wished we’d been present for his Chippendales days. We rooted against reality TV veteran Bryan, fell absolutely in love with Peter and wondered which one was Matt and which one was Adam.

It was all leading up to tonight, the finale of The Bachelorette. Who will Rachel choose? Who is Rachel’s soon-to-be husband? We have all of the spoilers and plot details from tonight’s episode, with everything you’d want to know about each of the three finalists.

*WARNING: Spoilers*

Let’s break it down. Buckle up.

Eric Bigger

Eric Bigger has come a long way. He began the season as a whiny and slightly insecure under dog, but eventually, he was redeemed. He’s a self-made man from Baltimore, Maryland with an adorable, loving family and a complicated backstory that includes never having fallen in love. He told his family that Rachel was the first girl he’d ever fallen in love with, the one for him.

We saw Rachel’s night with Eric in the Fantasy Suite episode and it seemed as though the two clicked. That said, (AGAIN: SPOILER ALERT!) things will most likely not end well for Eric, according to Reality Steve, among other sources. Rachel will most likely dump Eric by the end of the episode, saying that she sees them having a more successful friendship than a long-term relationship. We’ll miss Eric and appreciate his journey. He’s totally Paradise material and it’s slightly possible (I’m giving it a 15% chance, personally) that he could be the next Bachelor.

Peter Kraus

Did you just swoon at his name? Same. Peter Kraus is, without a single doubt, this season’s breakout star. He’s dreamy, kind and just seems like husband material… but there’s a catch: He doesn’t seem to want to be husband material. Peter has been everyone’s top choice since the first episode and it seemed as though Peter and Rachel were the most obvious pairing ever.

Eventually, Peter admitted that he wasn’t ready to necessarily propose. In the last episode, Rachel made it clear that she wasn’t willing to settle for a boyfriend. Rachel wants a husband, but Peter might not be able to fulfill that role for her.

What will happen to Peter?

Sources allege that we will all be heartbroken tonight. It’s said that this will be dramatic, with Rachel emotional and torn before the final rose ceremony. Rachel will supposedly leave Peter sad and the finale will be heart-wrenching. Peter will collapse and sob and Rachel will shed so many tears… which like same, y’all. This is gonna suck.

Why? Peter just isn’t ready. Though he might end up saying he can do it or proposing, Rachel isn’t here for any doubt or tumult, and the resulting choice will leave unsure Peter without a fiance.

Now, don’t cry for Peter yet. If I were a betting member of Bachelor Nation, I’d guess that Peter is our next Bachelor. I put the odds of Peter as the next choice at 85%. Eric or possibly even Dean may shock us, but I think that ABC knows women will flock to Peter.

Goodnight, sweet prince. We will miss you (until next season).

Bryan Abasolo

And now we’re here.

Bryan Abasolo has run the gamut from annoyingly cheesy to bizarre to downright confusing over the entire series, but it has always been clear just how smitten Rachel has been with Bryan. He was the first kiss of the season and the first man that really caught Rachel’s eye. He was also not particularly well-liked by his fellow competitors or Rachel’s family. Bryan just oozes suave. It’s clear that he knows what Rachel wants and sometimes it seems as though he simply says what he wants her to hear.

Looks like he’ll be doing that for the rest of eternity, because sources say that Rachel chooses Bryan in the finale, walking away with a Neil Lane ring. This isn’t the most shocking thing of all time (thanks, Astrid!), but it does give the finale a more disappointing vibe (at least it does for me!). Bryan just doesn’t seem genuine, but sources do claim that Rachel doesn’t regret her choice and is deeply in love with her new fiance.

The proposal will happen in Spain at the San Vicente de la Sonsierra Castle, which sounds like a fairytale ending.

We’ve come so far. As much as we may not necessarily celebrate the result or understand the decision, we also have to respect Rachel’s choice and trust that she really is letting love lead the way.

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