The Best Netflix TV Shows To Binge-Watch Based on Your Major

As days, minutes and hours tick closer to having to go back to school, we are trying to get used to the idea of going back to balancing work, school and a social life instead of social life and Netflix and chill (and by chill we mean alone, in our bed, literally just watching TV), we have found the best way for you to ease yourself back into the grind: combine school and your love of Netflix.

Here are the best TV shows to binge on Netflix based on your major.

Political Science

If you are a politics major then watching the news these days is basically like watching an insane politics reality TV show but if you want a bit more refined, ~inspirational~ version of your field, these are the shows for you.

The West WingThis is an oldie but goodie and because it came out in the early 2000s it went over most of our generation’s head. That doesn’t mean it’s too late to start now. The show follows the President of the United States’ personal advisors and the trials and tribulations of the personal and professional aspects of their lives. You will learn great anecdotal evidence about the inner workings of the Oval Office AND get to look into a young Rob Lowe’s beautiful blue eyes so it is really a win/win.

Scandal: An iconic show for our generation. This is perfect for political studies majors because while some people in this major want to go into politics, lots want to be lawyers and this is the perfect combination of the two. Scandal follows Kerry Washington’s character Olivia Pope as she opens her own crisis management firm after being the media consultant for the President. The way she constantly kills it will make you want to whip out your best stilettos and stomp around Washington DC rocking it. It’s the ultimate inspo.


Being an English major is classic and never goes out of style. Even though there might not be TV shows dedicated entirely to the study of English like there are with politics, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t stuff out there for you.

Sherlock: Sherlock is a legendary book series that might not be taught in English classes that much but is still worth looking into. If you want to bring it up to modern day pop culture than this is the show for you. The BBC version starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freedman lives up to the hype. It follows Sherlock Holmes in modern day as he solves mysteries with his friend and flatmate Dr. John Watson as they also rise to fame because of Sherlock’s blog. Get another perspective on the much-beloved books with this critically-acclaimed series.

House of Cards: This one has been all the rage the past few years so it seems too obvious but it is really worth a watch. It is a politically based show but appeals to an English major because you will be able to use those analytical skills you have picked up over the years as you follow the antics of the main character. This show follows Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood, the House Major Whip Democrat Senator from South Carolina. After he is passed up for the role of Secretary of State he and his wife seek out revenge on all the people who wronged him in the past. Enjoy the drama while picking up on some things that some audience members might not have figured out yet.


Biology is such an interesting major because there are so many fields to go into when you are done — research, med school, anything really. While there aren’t too many TV shows based on science, there is still plenty to watch to inspire every biology student.

Grey’s Anatomy: Grey’s inspires me, the least scientifically talented person, to want to go into the medical world so I can’t even imagine how exciting it would be for someone in the field. This show follows a class of interns as they navigate their way around the career they have worked so hard to get into and their messy love lives. What is great about this show for biology students is that most of the cases that they use in the show have actually happened before in real life and the surgeries they show are taught to the actors by actual surgeons so you are getting some accuracy. Plus, having hunks like McDreamy, Karev, Avery and McSteamy to look at on your screen doesn’t hurt.

Stranger Things: While this is a sci-fi show in nature, it can still be intriguing for a biology major. It follows an investigation for a missing boy and as the police search for answers they find out about mysteries about government experiments and supernatural forces. If anything, you can use your biological knowledge to mentally disprove the supernatural phenomena or give yourself a break from your science heavy major to focus on something a little out of this world.

Marketing & Business

Marketing and business are really big right now so there is a lot going on for you to watch. Business and marketing will never go out of style so you can get all the inspo you need from these TV shows.

Mad Men: This is a bit of a no-brainer but 100% worth the watch. The show takes place in the 1960s and follows Jon Hamm‘s Don Draper as he heads an advertising firm on Madison Ave. The show can give a fantasy of the intense drama that goes on in this world and while it probably dramatic this might be a little extreme but there is no harm in enjoying the crap that Don Draper gets himself into from under the covers in your bedroom.

New Girl: Schmidt, one of the roommates who lives in a loft in LA, works at a marketing firm and while there are some clips of Schmidt at work in can inspire you for the off time you will have on your job. Work hard during the day and then come home and play True American? That sounds like a dream. New Girl is also just a great show to relieve any stress through laughing at their insane antics so you can put it on if you have a stressful presentation the next morning or need a study break.


Are you the friend who goes around diagnosing other people with mental illnesses? No judgement, I do the same and I only took one psych course one time. Psychology is one of those really cool majors because it can be applied to lots of things in life and it is no different with TV shows.

Criminal Minds: While lots of psychology focuses on treatment for mental illnesses like depression or learning about cognitive development in children and hundreds of other niche topics, the one that the rest of the world likes to focus on the most is the mind of criminals. Criminal Minds satisfies that craving. It focuses on a group of FBI agents that focus on the world’s most twisted and dangerous criminals. To try to stop their next move they usually have to enlist the help of a psychologist to try to understand their brains. While you might not live the entire rest of your life analyzing criminals like Ted Bundy, it is interesting to see what that career field has to offer.

Six Feet Under: This show is extremely underrated and even though it is critically acclaimed, no one really talks about it anymore. It focuses on Peter Krause’s character (before he was #dadgoals on Parenthood) after his father dies and he has to take over his funeral business. Each episode starts with a death and while it sometimes seems like just a family drama, it also has a psychological aspect as it analyzes our relationships with death and features imaginary conversations with the dead, which definitely plays on some psychological aspects.


History now is more important than ever because if we don’t pay attention to it we are going to forget it and we are at risk to make more of the same mistakes (I am looking at you, Trump). While there is an entire channel devoted to your major, there are some more thrilling TV options that are based on history but not just about history.

Boardwalk Empire: This show takes place during Prohibition in the 1920s and 1930s. It is a historical drama period piece and while you are learning about the details about Prohibition and getting first-hand accounts of the problems that it created which you can show off to your professor, you can also get entertainment out of the bootlegging and other illegal activities that the federal government tries to go after while investigating Steve Buscemi’s character Enoch Thompson is investigated for mob connections and Thompson’s lavish political lifestyle.

The Crown: History, the British Royal Family and intense drama, what is a better combo? The show takes place in the 1940s as Queen Elizabeth II prepares to take the throne. There are some inaccuracies in the show so don’t take it as the absolute truth, but it mostly follows the story line well. Still, read your chapter on the British Empire but you might just be able to skim for this one.

There you have it. Who knew there was a way to watch Netflix as a legitimate excuse to procrastinate? Happy watching!

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