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FaceApp’s New Filters Are Being Labeled As Racist


FaceApp is a popular app that allows users to edit their face and other features in photos. The app became super popular earlier this year with it’s new feature that changes your selfie to look older, younger and swap gender.

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But now FaceApp added a new feature that allows users to change their race. Users can take a selfie and it’ll make your face look African American, Indian or Asian. There is already a term for making your face a different race and it’s called blackface and yellowface and it’s super racist.

Even after the crazy amount of criticism the app has received about their new racist update they still refuse to admit they’re at fault. The app’s CEO, Yaroslav Goncharov issued a statement to Mic defending the ethnicity feature. “[The ethnicity change filters] don’t have any positive or negative connotations associated with them,” he told Mic through email. “They are even represented by the same icon.”

Even if they didn’t intend for the filter to be racist there is no denying that it is. This isn’t the first time FaceApp has been under fire for racist filters. The app’s hot filter whitewashes your selfie. This just perpetuates the idea that the ideal beauty standard is white and European.

It seems like FaceApp really doesn’t care if it’s considered racist. Even if they refuse to acknowledge their problematic filters, they are still racist.

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