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This New App Tracks How Well Your Skincare Products Are Doing


Trying out new skincare products is one of my favorite past times. But actually updating my daily skincare regime is a whole other story. New products shine eventually wear off and I become passive and lazy when I don’t see results right away.

Looking at yourself everyday means it’s hard for you to recognize slight changes that new products are making. That reason is what started YouCam Makeup app’s new feature Skin Diary.


The new feature analyzes your skin based on wrinkles, spots, texture and dark circle. You simply take a quick selfie and the app will do the rest.

Having your facial flaws pointed out isn’t fun, but it’s nothing you don’t already know. And the information can be helpful especially when trying new products.


To have the best results the app suggest taking the daily selfie in the same place with the same lighting. This way your skins analysis is accurate.

The app breaks down your skins progress by overall skin health, skin age versus real age, spots, wrinkles, texture, dark circles and then overall. The app even graphs all the data so you can see if your skin is improving or not.

I have a feeling Skin Diary is going to become addicting.


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