This Woman Used Temporary Colors To Turn Her Natural Curls Into Rainbow Hair & It’s Stunning

From Tash to Tasha and Naturallytash, Natasha B is known as the Queen Of Temporary Hair Colors. For the past four years, Natasha has been transforming her natural, dark curls into every color in the rainbow with temporary hair products.

However, bleaching and coloring natural hair can do some major damage. According to Rihanna’s hairstylist Yusef told Allure, “With rainbow hair color, sometimes you are playing with fire if your hair is already damaged, so you have to be very cautious.”

So, instead of damaging her hair, Natasha came up with her very own idea of using temporary colors for her hair, which she calls “hair shadows.” Four years ago, she began coloring her hair with Beyond The Zone’s hair chalks in purple, red, and orange. She then mentions to Allure that she started experimenting by using eye shadows from Wet n Wild and Maybelline onto her hair. Two years ago, Natasha officially started making the coveted hair shadows.

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“Hair shadows are better than actually dyeing your hair because they’re no commitment and they cause zero harm to your hair,” Natasha explains. “They are a fun way to play with many hair colors temporarily — without any worry of damage. Also, they’re a great way to test out a hair color before taking the plunge of actually dyeing your hair.”

In order to create her hair shadows, she combines pure pigment powders and a cream base. “It’s almost like making your own cream eye shadow,” Natasha explains, “except I make mine much more vibrant and smoother, so it’s easier to apply to the hair.”

“It’s kinda a secret recipe I came up with,” she adds.

In fact, she doesn’t want to give away what it actually is, because she’s launching her very own hair shadowing product soon. She said that they will be released in about four to six months.

The best part about these hair shadows is that it’s temporary and gentle on hair that they wash out completely with one shampoo. Also, Natasha loves to change up her hair color at least once a week.

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“Just recently, I’ve fallen in love with my rainbow, unicorn colors,” she adds.

What’s great is seeing these trendy colors on natural hair, as well. We’ve usually seen colorful hair on straight or wavy hair, but on natural hair it is just as gorgeous.

However, the two colors that you won’t see on Natasha’s hair is green and black — she’s not a fan of them.

“I have done both colors more than a few times but never keep them in too long,” she explains.

She also wants to get into neon and glow-in-the-dark colors.

“I love that people are finally accepting their hair the way God made their hair and loving it. This is why mine is bright colors. You’re not only going to see my natural hair, but you’re gonna see it from a distance,” says Natasha.

Check out more photos of Natasha’s hair on her Instagram.

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