How To Vote For The 2017 Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards are almost here. The award show is airing live Sunday, August 13th from 8-10pm EST on FOX. Unfortunately, for people living out west the show will not air live. A tape recording of the show will run from 8-10pm PST.

What makes the TCAs so cool aren’t just the surfboard trophies, but that the teens have all the voting power. Voting for the TCAs is super easy too.

To vote for the TCAs just go to and you can vote through your registered Facebook or Twitter account.

You can tweet your vote as well. If you tweet “#category + @nominee” or if the nominee doesn’t have a Twitter account just tweet “#category + #nominee” that counts as one vote. Make sure your Twitter account is set to public because votes made on private account will not count.

You can vote 10 times a day for each category per platform. Watch the video to see all the nominee’s for this years TCAs.

Get voting because your favorites aren’t going to win those surfboards without you!

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