This Bride Is Determined To Find The Couple Who Crashed Her Wedding & The Story Is Hilarious

This story is like Wedding Crashers but real life and, dare I say, better than the movie.

Karen Fox and Michael Tufo got married this past month in New Jersey. The bride noticed that a mystery couple were at their wedding. At the time, the bride just assumed they were friends of her husband, but now that she knows they were crashers and she is determined to find them.

Wedding Crashers

The wedding crashers left a hilarious gift for the newlyweds that ultimately gave their identities away. They gave the couple a card with a dollar inside that said “Buck for luck!! 1. Congratulations! 2. Sorry for crashing your wedding. 3. Best of luck!!” The card also had a polaroid inside of the crashers on the day of the wedding.

After seeing the card Karen set out on a mission to meet the hilarious crashing couple. She posted the funny card and polaroid on Facebook saying “I need to meet these people and buy them a drink.” She congratulated them on a successful wedding crash.

Wedding goers commented on Karen’s post shocked that they hung out with the crashers and didn’t suspect a thing!¬†They even ended up in the background of some photos.

Karen was so determined to find them that she went on the news and did a TV interview with CBS as well.

Turns out the female crasher saw Karen on the news and Facebook messaged her. Carly Wolfson and Ritchie Barry are the crashers name and their story is just as funny.

Wedding Crashers

Carly messaged Karen apologzing for crashing her big day, but Karen insisted it’s fine and totally enjoyed it and their card. Carly told CBS that it was actually her’s and Ritchie’s first date!

She said that she didn’t think Richtie would actually go through with it, but he proved her wrong. She said that they blended in by acting like the belonged, sitting at the Best Man’s table and dragging friends and family on to the dance floor all night.

Wedding Crashers

At least Karen and Michael were good sports about having crashers. It sounds like the brought the party so what is there to even be mad about?

The real question is how are Carly and Ritchie going to top their first date?


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