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Victoria Secret Trainer Reveals His Models Diet Secrets


Victoria Secret models are known to have incredible bodies on top of being tall and gorgeous. They are modeling lingerie so a toned and lean body is a must.

Every year when the VS Fashion Show aires myself and thousands of other girls are stunned at just how fit all of the Angels are. Thankfully it’s not all genetics, the models train and diet really hard to look like that.

Justin Gelband, the trainer to VS Angels Candice Swanepoel, Irina Shaik, Karlie Kloss, Erin Heatherton and Martha Hunt revealed how he keeps all of his angels runway ready. Read on to see his three tips on how to look like an VS Angel.

1. Food is more important than working out

Victoria Secret

Gelband says that it’s important to keep your body active, but you should really be focusing on your diet. He told Business Insider that “85 percent of what you do is what you eat.” If you want to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight start by reevaluating your diet.

2. Do not go on a juice diet

Diet Nene

Juice diets are just another diet fad that isn’t beneficial. Gelband is strongly against juice cleanses and says that they don’t permit weight loss, but actually weight gain. Some of his models went on a juice diet right before the VS show without telling him. They ended up gaining weight instead of losing it.

Juice cleanses have been criticized before. Some experts say that juicing slows down your metabolism so then your body holds on to every calorie consumed because it thinks it’s starving. Therefore you gain weight.

3. Eat less carbs and more fat

Mean Girls

Yes that’s right, eat more fat. Gelband is a strong believer in the Paleo diet also known as the Caveman diet. The diet is centered around eating foods that cavemen could eat during the Paleolithic era.

The Paleo diet means that you can’t eat dairy, grains, processed foods or sugar, legumes and alcohol. You can eat fruit, vegetables, lean meat, seafood, nuts and seeds and natural fats. This diet takes a lot of discipline.

Paleo diet has had a fair share of critics too so make sure you consult your doctor before making any drastic changes.


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