Men Are Now AirDropping Strangers Unsolicited D*ck Pics

Unsolicited dick pictures are not okay, but getting them from a complete stranger is just wrong.

Men know no bounds, literally, and are crossing lines that we couldn’t even imagine. According to the New York Post people riding New York City subways are receiving unsolicited dick pictures from strangers through AirDrop on their iPhones.

Amy Schumer

AirDrop is a feature on iPhones that allows people to virtually send data to another iPhone user. The two devices must both have AirDrop on and be within 300 feet of each other. This means that the person sending the unwelcome nudes is on the same train.

When you receive an AirDrop you are asked to accept the delivered content and once you do the content is revealed. You can change the settings on your AirDrop to only receive drops from people in your contacts as opposed to everyone.

Creepy men sending their genitalia to strangers is NOT okay. It’s like getting flashed, but without facing immediate arrest. It’s also disgusting because they don’t know who they are sending their nudes to. It could be a child with an iPhone for all they know.


I really can’t explain why this appeals to someone. It may be the shock value, adrenaline rush or just making women uncomfortable in public spaces. The reason doesn’t matter, all that matters is that this is not okay and messed up!

That's So Raven

Apple has yet to comment on this new gross epidemic. For now just make sure your AirDrop is turned off or set to contacts only.

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