Woman Dressed As Unsolicited D*ck Pic Absolutely Wins

Let us take a look at the dick pic in its natural habitat. See how it appears unannounced. Those familiar with this unnecessary beast will also notice how efforts to avoid the creature are nearly impossible. In fact, efforts to control the spread of phallic photographs on dating apps and texts prove to be futile.

Animal Planet documentary aside, almost every woman knows the horrors of this NSFW surprise. Who thinks that it’s sexy to send out of the blue? No one teaches you how to deal with them, either. Like, “Gee, that’s an interesting picture… How’s the weather?”

One woman took her awkward experiences and turned it into one of the best costumes at an internet-themed party. She dressed up as the infamous dick pic, complete with curved tip and a matching text conversation that was as hilarious as it was painful.

The award for Best Costume goes to Amy!

Australian writer Clementine Ford tweeted a photo of her friend dressed as the infamous unsolicited photo, complete with a text conversation on her chest. The suede material was a nice touch. Definitely bonus point to accuracy. I was having trouble figuring out what to be this Halloween, so this turned out to be a very tempting option. Twitter seems to agree because the post quickly went viral.

Users had their fair share of arguments over the picture. It seems that the dark humor may have flown past some of them. However, most people recognized the fun and almost sarcastic message Amy wished to portray in her costume. Some even shared some witty replies that earned their spot in my puns of fame:

Amy looks so proud, too. Look at her, standing tall with a red cup in hand. As much as I hate getting a dick pic, I can’t be mad at her presentation. Actually, the way she made her costume is a great way to enforce just how awkward and painful getting one can be. Why should I be forced to stare at your junk on my personal phone? You could laugh it off, but it’s a very real form of harassment.

Don’t get me started on the user that posted an unsolicited picture in the comments. Seriously. No one should have to see that.

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