Jojo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers Are Giving Us The Wedding Update We Need

Life after The Bachelorette/The Bachelor can be confusing and complicated. If you do actually end up staying engaged, life is suddenly even busier and planning a wedding can be hard. Of the past few Bachelorette couples, most are still engaged but not yet married.

Because we love a successful love story, we wait with baited breath to see the next to be married.

Jojo Fletcher and her season’s winner Jordan Rodgers just gave us an update on when they are getting married, so let’s get excited.

Fletcher said that she and Rodgers had plans to marry shortly after their engagement but then “life happened” and they didn’t get around to it.

She also says that she told producers “we’re planning a wedding, so I don’t know if you want in on this, but we’re planning it.”

Even though they had initial plans for the wedding right away, Fletcher said that they have been having fun just living life and getting back into the swing of things.

“It’s so hard to just know anything for certain right now,” Fletcher said. “We are just having fun and seeing where it goes. We are so focused on our relationship in the moment, and we’re excited about each other’s careers.”

Rodgers is joining ESPN in the fall as a college football analyst on the SEC network and Fletcher is getting back to doing what she loves: flipping houses and real estate.

They have also been dealing with long distance in the past year and will continue to in the future but Fletcher says it is no big deal for them.

“It hasn’t been difficult at all we both support each other so much,” Fletcher said. “When he’s working, I’m working, and it hasn’t affected us whatsoever. I think this is an exciting thing for us that we are both chasing dreams and pursuing that.”

Fletcher also joined our team and said that she is rooting for Peter has the next Bachelor and thinks that Rachel Lindsay was wrong about Peter not being right for the process.

“I think he really held steadfast in his beliefs and was very grounded through the entire process,” Fletcher admitted. “I think it takes somebody who knows themselves very well in order to be in that role. I think he would be great.”

Fletcher and Rodgers are one of our favorite couples to come from the franchise, so we can’t wait to see these kids walk down the aisle and officially live their happily ever after.

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