Kim Kardashian Defended Jeffree Star’s Racist Past & Twitter Is Not Having It

Kim Kardashian swatched her new powder contour and highlight kits on Snapchat. Beauty fanatics and makeup artists all had their opinions on the new product. The most vocal against her product was Jeffree Star.

Jeffree tweeted his criticism about her new kit. He commented on how bad she is at swatching makeup and that her product looked like chalk.

Kim and Jeffree’s fandoms went at it attacking each other. Kim tried to clear the air and posted some videos on her Snapchat. In her snaps she asked her fans to forgive Jeffree’s past and to not bring it up.

Jeffree’s past that Kim is referencing is his racist past. There were videos of Jeffree using the N word and calling a black person an ape. The videos came to light during his feud with Kat Von D. She called Jeffree a racist and proved it too.

Kim asking her fans to get over Jeffree’s racists remarks did NOT go over well. Even well known makeup YouTubers shunned Kim for defending Jeffree.

But the most shocking thing about Kim forgiving Jeffree’s racist past is that she has biracial kids and is married to a black man. Usually Kim and the rest of her family are under fire for appropriating black culture. This is worse than that.

Kim issued an apology through Snapchat saying she didn’t understand the extent of Jeffree’s past and it isn’t her place to tell her fans to get over it. But his racist past isn’t as far away as Kim thinks.

Yes the videos of him using the N word were from 2008 and 2009. But Jeffree notoriously starts drama with women of color. He had a huge fight with Jackie Aina and Makeup Shayla and well the receipts do not lie.

The way he treats women of color is enough to qualify his actions as racially fueled.

Moral of the story is just stop defending racists.


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