This Guy Will Do ANYTHING To Get The Perfect Picture Of His Girlfriend

Having a boyfriend who is down for anything is a treat. But having a boyfriend who goes above and beyond for you is a whole different story.

Paola Pentón González knows what it’s like to have a ride or die boyfriend.

Her bae, Gabriel Martinez, will do anything to make sure he snaps the perfect shot for her Instagram. That is no easy feat considering Paola has over 15,000 followers.

Gabriel recently shared a photo of just how far he goes for her shots and it does not disappointed.

For example he took this picture of Paola.

How you ask? Well he wrapped his leg around a rail and hung off the side of a yacht.

Don’t worry not all of the photos he takes are this risky, but they are still amazing.

This is true love kids. If your boo won’t hang off the side of a boat to get your best angle then you need to dump him!

All boyfriends will need to step their game up after their girlfriends see this.

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