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Instagram Boyfriend Adds Hilarious Twist To Girlfriend’s Fitness Pics


I think I’ve found the most relatable man on Instagram and no one can convince me otherwise.

Edward Lane, a Men’s Health UK journalist, is one such man that’s worthy of the title of Insta Husband. His girlfriend, Amy Hopkinson, is inversely a digital editor at Women’s Health UK and currently runs a fitness and wellness Instagram,Β @Wellness_Ed. In response to her growing popularity, Lane created @Wellness_Ted. The photos are definitely #goalsAF, whether or not you want to label them as relationship goals, fitness goals, or anything under the sun.

Hopkinson’s Instagram currently has a following of over 26,000 users that keep track of all her inspirational fitness posts. In contrast, Lane gained about 8,200 followers doing the exact opposite.

I think some examples are in order. Take a look at this photo of Hopkinson doing some calming meditation:

I'M BACK… although, that's not strictly quite true. As it turns out the universe didn't think I was ready to leave @shangrilamaldives (or perhaps I manifested another day) so until I find a flight home I'll be right here. Putting all of @jodyshield brilliant Life Tonics into practice. . . What has 5 days of no Instagram taught me? It's a blinking great network for making connections but it's how you then use these connections offline that it make it really great. . . Ive also found headspace by putting my phone down. For 5 days I haven't mindlessly filled time with scrolling or browsing the internet because I was sat by myself. Instead I read the papers and really enjoyed my food. I didn't keep shovelling in my breakfast because my thoughts were on photo filters. . . This isn't the start of me going anti-social (I'm a digital editor after all) but it is the new chapter of me being content with myself. . If there's one take home from disconnecting to reconnect this week it's that ✨change starts from within✨. . . Oh and if I win the lottery I'll be getting the first ✈️ back here because…. (all revealed in my story)

A post shared by Amy Hopkinson (@wellness_ed) on

Beautiful, no? It must feel amazing to find a nice quiet space just to breathe. When you’re dedicating time towards your personal health and fitness, half of the battle is mental. Everyone needs some TLC after hardcore exercise after all. Now, take a look at Lane’s take on yoga.

OM A MISSION // Since joining the upper echelons of Instagram's wellness influencer community I'd been finding it progressively harder to practice what I preach. A full diary of protein launches, avocado brunches, selfies, workout classes, selfies, gym openings, yoga retreats and selfies had a dramatic effect on my anxiety levels. And despite my online persona, I was struggling for headspace. Which is why I've started meditating. It's a brand new trend. Everyone's talking about it. Sure, some nerds will tell you it's been around for 3500 years, but what do they know? Right now it's one of the hottest wellness trends and I really doubt the yogis of ancient India had iPhone apps (duh) so they clearly weren't doing it right, anyway! Since checking in with myself for 5 minutes a day my cortisol levels have plummeted and I'm feeling more zen than ever. My advice? Focus on you. Make time for self-love (Gross. Not like that. Perv) because at the end of the day wellness and the route to happiness is about putting yourself ahead of all others. Worried this will come across as selfish? Put a good filter on your pic and people will call it inspiring 😘

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Take a look at the Instagram boyfriend in all his glory. Notice how his draw-on abs glisten in the sunlight. Take stock of his spoils, a half-drunken can of Bud Light and a pack of cigarettes. This man looks one with the world. The first word that comes to mind after seeing his IG is “relatable.”

Lane later told Mashable that he was inspired to create the account when he noticed how popular his girlfriend’s Instagram was. “Literally hundreds of people were double-tapping a picture of my girlfriend eating salad – it made absolutely no sense to me,” he said. “But most of all it cracked me up.”

All joking aside, don’t be too turned off by Lane’s parody account. Lane originally made the account in response to the sheer amount of power fitness bloggers have these days, his girlfriend included. He respects their reasons well enough, but also believes that some fitness influencers can be more damaging than inspirational at times.

“There’s been enough research into social media to reveal that there are a lotΒ of vulnerable people out there looking for direction, and the problem is that the boring science of a top-end nutritionist or trainer just isn’t as sexy or appealing as the pretty girl subsisting on brunch and HIIT workouts,” Lane said.

As funny as his post may be, Lane hopes to combat Instagram’s body positivity issues. Regardless of if you hit the gym twice a day or treat yourself to that pizza instead of a salad, do what makes you happy. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t essentially mean that you need abs of steel, nor do you have to ban pizza from your table. The same goes for how attractive or sexually appealing you are. Just be comfortable in your own skin.

If you want to check out more of their pictures, definitely find them on IG. You can find Hopkinson’s account here and Lane’s account here.

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