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20 #NationalTellAJokeDay Tweets That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh



It’s National Tell A Joke Day. Seriously, no joke!

What’s better than a day dedicated to cheesy jokes, funny puns and smiles? We’ve compiled some of the most hilarious jokes people have been sharing via Twitter. And don’t forget to celebrate this national holiday by sharing a few of these with your most serious co-worker.

The world has been absolutely heartbreaking and terrifying especially in the past few weeks. We need to replace all this hatred with laughter. Crack a joke and make someone laugh today.

1. *rolls eyes*

2. This one never gets old.

3. So punny!

4. LOL get it…?

5. Clever.

6. Hopefully Narnia for real.

7. Technology 101: Your password should never be your birthday or your pets name.


9. Coughing.

10. Grammar jokes!

11. End of the world jokes!

12. This one is a little too real.

13. Perfect for a Tinder couple’s wedding.

14. More grammar jokes!

15. Also too real…

16. Dirty snowman jokes!

17. Just one racist one.

18. And a math joke.

19. Sorry, but there’s always one political one.

20. Even Harry Styles cracked a joke!

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