Ariana Grande Fans Thought She Was Leaking a New Song – But She Was Just Singing Spice Girls

Ariana Grande DNC Email Leak


Apparently, knowing the words to Spice Girls songs officially makes you old.

Ariana Grande posted a video of herself singing along to the ultimate girl group’s hit “Say You’ll Be There” — in a bathroom, as one does. The songstress also tweeted lyrics to the song.

“I’m…….. giving you evvvvvverything,” she wrote on Tuesday.

However, young fans who didn’t recognize the anthem of 1996 questioned if Ari was sharing new music.

“R u spilling tea right now,” one fan who needs to check out Spice Girls on Spotify immediately asked, while another questioned if these were new lyrics.

Grande explained, “omg they’re spice girls lyrics not A4 tea . . . am i old.”

If you are, we all are, girl.

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