Amazon Is Giving Engineering Students Free Echo Dots

The lucky engineering students at Arizona State University are getting a special opportunity that will for sure make you jealous.

Amazon donated 1,600 Echo Dots to the first-year engineering residence hall at ASU.

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The Echo Dots are part of a new program at ASU that encourages students to practice using voice user interface development skills on consumer hardware. Voice control home intelligent devices are becoming increasingly popular. Even Apple is getting into the business and dropping a device to compete with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

This new company university partnership is super integrated into the students daily lives. ASU built a new working and living space for first-year engineering students called Tooker House.

Students living in the new dorm can opt in to Amazon’s program and receive a free Echo Dot. They will be encouraged to use the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) to build new Alexa feature by themselves.

ASU is offering three fall courses centered around voice user interface development, mainly focusing on Alexa skills. Amazon also donated developer kits to ASU’s engineering curriculum.

This isn’t the first technology university partnership, but most have failed. Like when universities teamed up with CourseSmart or when Los Angeles Unified School District tried to team up with Apple.

Amazon and ASU’s program seems to be well thought out. Hopefully this partnership will have a smooth future and we will be getting some sick new Alexa features thanks to ASU students.

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