James Charles Net Worth 2018: How Much Is James Worth Right Now?










After launching his YouTube channel in 2015, James Charles has risen to international fame for his incredible makeup tutorials and being the first male CoverGirl.

His YouTube channel currently has 1 million subscribers and he just recently graduated from Bethlehem High School in Bethlehem, New York.

James Charles’ estimated Net Worth as of 2018: $2 Million

Here are some fun facts about how James Charles has made such a name for himself in just a few years.

1. He was on Forbes‘ 30 Under 30 Art & Style List.


Charles made the list because of his role as the first male ambassador for CoverGirl and because of his social media influence through his YouTube channel.

2. He came out to his family before he was even a teenager.


“[My parents] were so incredibly accepting,” Charles said. “I know it’s definitely really challenging for a lot of different people so I was very thankful to have a pretty easy situation.”

“When I first told my parents I wanted to do makeup, that was a big thing,” Charles continued. “They were like ‘Oh, you know we love you know matter what. Like if you’re trans you can tell us.’ And I was like ‘Oh, no I am not trans.’ … It just took a lot of explaining and understanding because men in makeup obviously is a very new concept.”

3. Before he became famous, he styled hair.


On what he did before his YouTube channel:

“I used to do hairstyling before I even thought about joining the makeup world. One of my close friends was late to her makeup appointment at a local counter and asked me to do her makeup before the school dance. I was like ‘yeah girl, but if you look awful I am not taking credit.'”

4. He just graduated high school.



This may be hard to believe considering how accomplished he is, but Charles just graduated high school in June 2017.

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James Charles accomplished by U.S. Senator Dan for working tirelessly for his community and state.