8 Decor Essentials For Your Back-To-School Dorm Shopping

Back-to-school season has arrived and with that comes shopping for the new school year, from clothing to dorm supplies. Dorm shopping can be a draining process, as everyone has differing opinions on what you do or don’t need, (yes to the microwave)! You have to accommodate your roomie if you have one, and figure out how to make the best of 200 square feet.


The only space that will truly be ours at college, decor is the one way to help us adjust to the new environment and curb the homesickness. Some of the best moments are made in our dorm rooms, from inviting over more friends than your room will fit to pulling all-nighters binge-watching your favorite¬†TV show. We scoured decor sites for items that’ll upgrade your space, and encourage you to be a little extra. No one will ever guess that the building hasn’t been renovated since the ’70s.

Whether you’re going to be living in a dorm for the first time or you’re still living at home and want to spruce up your pad, take inspo from these trendy dorm items.

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