6 Dorm Essentials To Remember When You Head Back To School

Say it with me now: back-to-school season is here. Yes, it’s sad that summer is over. It’s hard, especially if you’re in high school. For college students, heading back to school is actually a pretty great time. Though there’s the obvious stress of the impending classes, meetings and work, there’s also the relief of being reunited with friends, constantly occupied and the new opportunities (academically, socially, or professionally) on the horizon.

One thing that sucks no matter who or where you are: packing. The list of things to pack is endless and there are so many things you know you’ll forget. Moving into a dorm requires a lot of thought and it’s rough to even begin the process of picking the dorm room essentials when heading back to school. There are the obvious necessities but some of the biggest essentials go forgotten.

Don’t forget these six items. You’ll be thanking yourself later when you’re relaxed, keeping cool, sipping a smoothie and living your best life. Good luck on the new school year and the new dorm, but you won’t need too much luck with the help of these.

1. A tower fan from Lasko.

Lasko is helping you to keep cool… without leaving your XL twin bed. Their remote-controlled tower fan is powerful, refreshing and the perfect addition to any dorm room with or without A/C. The fan features several settings and options so that you can perfect your level of comfort. This will be extra handy during those brutally warm months, heading back to school in August and rounding out the year in April. You can be cool with the help of a simple remote and without having to pause Netflix. We’re all living in 2017 while Lasko is in 3017.

Buy it here.

2. Organizers, organizers, organizers.

Your room at home is probably only clean because your mom is telling you that’s how it has to be. College is the perfect time to stay organized and it’s a necessary step (especially if you’re living with another person or multiple people) to make sure your stuff is highly organized. Avoid any makeup mix-ups with the help of a beauty organizer. No more lost lip glosses or misplaced mascaras. If you’re really trying to step it up, you can also add labels and group items by category.

Buy it here.

3. An extremely long phone charger.

More things that don’t require to leave your bed. You’re welcome. Picking an extra long phone charge enables you to have your phone handy no matter where an outlet might be. Dorm rooms aren’t known for their convenience, especially if they’re a bit more old-fashioned. Save yourself the hassle and plug it in.

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4. A Magic Bullet.

Yes, we’re super jealous of your meal plan. Like EXTREMELY jealous. But let’s be realistic, as a freshman you are too busy pretending to be grossed out by dining hall food/the lack of realistic options to actually appreciate the whole “free” food thing (shout-out student loans!). A Magic Bullet gives you the ability to whip up some fun treats without the mess or bulkiness of a full-size blender. Make a smoothie or an at-home frapp to get going in the morning or to energize before a meeting or try making a fun Daiquiri or marg (if you’re 21…).

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5. Air freshener.

Nobody wants a smelly room. That’s a fact of life. Bath & Body Works is making it possible to avoid unsightly smells while spicing up the dorm decor. Their Wallflowers are cute and useful and everyone’s fave indulgent retailer also has tons of options for scents. Consult your roomie on this one and pick the smell you both love… or just switch out scents depending on a night out. Endless Weekend is a perfect Sunday Scaries remedy and Pumpkin Cupcake will get you in the mood for PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE season (SOON.).

Buy it here.

6. A Bluetooth speaker.

You’ll thank us later but your RA will not. Keep this to weekends unless you’re willing to turn down the volume. You can use this for your favorite pre-game songs, soothing study sounds, or even for broadcasting your Snapchat story from last night on Sunday morning. This is an essential for music lovers and it’s small, portable and doesn’t look any different from a cute vase. Turn up (literally)!

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