Slay The First Week Of School With These Stylish Makeup & Hair Looks

The end of August is near and so is summer, which also means school is slowly coming back. I can just hear everyone’s crying and whining, and I totally understand. Summer came and went way too fast, but look at the bright side, it’s a new school year and a new you. You’ve achieved your ideal summer glow and want to show it off in the hallways. But the only way to glow is to make yourself stand out.

During the first days of school, almost everyone wants to show off their best looks. We have a few tricks up our sleeve for your first week (before you go back to the sweats, hair-up and no-makeup style!).

We picked out five makeup looks and five hair styles that will prove your glow up is real.

Bold Lashes & Neutral Lip

If you’re into bold lips and full lashes, this is definitely for you. Compliment the look with a soft blush and thick brows.

Glossy Lids & Soft Blush

Want to be on the more natural side? Then go for a glossy lid and rosy blush for that true post-summer look.

Full Brows & Glossy Lips

Brows, brows, BROWS — it’s honestly all about brows. Slay the game with your arched brows and top the look with a natural, glossy lips.

Dewy Skin & Tinted Lips

This look is perfect for those with dry skin. Do the dewy look with a tinted lip.

Soft Pink Lids & Matte Lips

What a little more pink? The pink lid and matte lip are an ideal combo for back to school.

Soft, Beachy Waves

This beautiful, wavy hairstyle is definitely a post-summer look.

Classy, Messy Bun

We all know buns are for school, so test out this trendy, messy style.

Bold French Braid

Show off your braiding talent with this double french braid look.

Sleek & Straight

What about the classy middle part look? This Kardashian-inspired, sleek hairstyle is absolutely stunning.

Voluminous Ponytail

We all need some volume in our hair — so try out this ponytail look that will give you all the volume in the world.

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