Double-Check The Label: Your Makeup Might Be Fake

Amidst what seems like a constant flurry of fake news, a new trend is on the rise: fake makeup. In the constantly evolving makeup industry, new brands and products are always being advertised and prices aren’t cheap. One could make a shopping trip to Sephora and leave with a tiny bag… and a massive hole in your wallet. This leads to fake makeup products being sold on the black market. With prices more than half off of the originals and packaging that looks authentic, these counterfeit products are appealing to those who aren’t as willing to pay full price.

But there’s an even bigger sacrifice to pay. Great quality formulas aren’t as easily replicated as a shiny makeup package, and the consequences are serious. YouTubers have complained of eye infections, rashes, and numbness. With a knockoff beauty product, you never really know every ingredient that’s being put in, and some could range from lead, mercury, to E. coli. The FBI has traced the production of counterfeit beauty products to factories in Asia, and the conditions aren’t at all sanitary.

On the latest episode of Life of Kylie, Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner went to a makeup stand in LA in response to fans saying they had adverse reactions to the youngest Jenner’s products. The two believed Kylie’s products being sold at the market were fake, and went to investigate. Jordyn attempted to purchase the Kylie Lip Kits from the stand, but the vendor refused because of the cameras. Take a look below.

Some might not care that they’re buying fakes, but others might not even be aware. Negative reactions could even take days to come up after the product was initially used. It’s been common on YouTube to discuss real versus fake beauty products and the differences are SO noticeable.

Australian YouTuber Sarah Fritz tested real and fake Kylie lip kits and found that when testing the lip liners, the counterfeit’s color was not the same as the real product’s. When she layered on the real and fake lip gloss, the counterfeit lip gloss’ color didn’t even match the counterfeit lip liner’s hue. She also said of the lip gloss tubes, “The first thing I can tell is the real one is much more heavier. This [of the fake] feels so light, this feels like there’s nothing in here.”

So, how do you spot a fake? There are some subtle differences in packaging, from the font, font size, to the sheen. Some counterfeit producers might not even be as thorough and there could even be blatant spelling mistakes.

Beauty brands like MAC and Estee Lauder Co. are notorious for having their products replicated and have been taking counter-counterfeit action for years. More and more brands are taking notice and are taking legal action to address the issue. Always be wary of third-party suppliers, especially if the price seems too good to be true. You can always look for drugstore dupes or wait until your next check arrives. You’re always better off buying from the authentic brand itself  from any certified seller; your health will thank you, even if your bank account won’t.

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