A Woman Is Suing American Airlines For Ruining Her Wedding Dress

When it comes to weddings, finding the right dress is one of the best parts of planning the big day. So many brides scour the internet for inspo, taking on investigative Pinterest searches and watching episodes of Say Yes To The Dress on repeat, all in the hopes of finding the perfect outfit. It’s no easy task, especially when considering all of the other stress that comes along with planning a wedding. There are so many small things to decide on, but in the end, the dress is the most important.

One New Jersey bride says that her big day was sabotaged when her dream dress was intentionally ruined by an American Airlines employee.

Yewande Oteh and her family were flying with the gown to Jamaica for her wedding. Oteh claims that an American Airlines agent told her she would be allowed to bring the dress onto her flight and store it in a hanging closet.

According to Oteh, on the plane an American Airlines flight attendant named Melanie Masters “became indignant and agitated, and began to talk to plaintiff in a hostile aggressive way, instructing her that the closet space was not for passengers,” leading to the dress being packed in an overhead bin.

Oteh alleges that Masters eventually put something else into the bin later on during the flight. Oteh did not want to interact with Masters for the rest of the trip, so she asked other in-flight workers to retrieve the dress from the bin. When the workers opened the bin, the dress was reportedly soaked through with red wine and completely ruined.

Oteh is suing American Airlines for damage to the dress and various costs and fees, as well as for causing physical and emotional distress. The suit is asking for $3.4 million total, which is $850,000 for each count of “Negligence, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress and Negligent Hiring and Negligent Retention.”

Daily Mail/Yewande Oteh

What did the flight attendant say when asked about her side of the story?

“It really did not go like that at all,” Masters said.

… Let’s hope she is not defending herself in court.

A wedding dress should be one of the rare spots of fun in the long wedding planning process. Let’s hope that Yewande Oteh’s big day still had its own amazing moments, despite the dress disaster.

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